Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Vigil

Okay, so I did not get a chance to stitch last night or today. I was a bit sleepy last night and ended up going to sleep. Today, I needed to make my house super clean, as well as taking care of a plethora of other tasks. I have been hoppin' all day!

Bob has been working in the garden all afternoon. He went over to OSH and bought a few veggie plants for the garden and has been working on the sprinkler/irrigation thingy. When he walks by the window he does that old act like he is walking down stairs. It just never gets old. LOL

I got to watch the race out of the corner of my eye while I did my chores today. I was thrilled for Joey Logano who won his second career Nationwide race today. It was him and Kyle Busch all day, and I was so glad to see him come out ahead.

I am posting early tonight because Bob and I are going to eat dinner, then engage ourselves in some intellectual expansion in the form of watching "Kung Fu Panda." LOL. I think I have mentioned in the past that DH and I love animated Pixar type films. DH got a few of them on a get-down sale the other day, so we are set for Saturday night movie time for a while. I will get to stitch while I view the movie. I am hoping to finish the lady tonight so that I can start on the fruit border which I have been itching to do.

The Aaronic Blessing is still sitting in my carrying case, and I look at it longingly every day. Hopefully, I will get to it before too long. If only there were more stitchy hours in the day...

Wishing you and your family a joyous Easter!

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