Monday, April 13, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday!

Hooboy! What a day! It was a wild ride and I was so grateful for the time I got to spend in my car and quietly stitch. I got to put a few more stitches in my Aaronic Blessing. I swear the Northern Lights silk floss is the softest I have ever stitched with. The colors are so very pretty. This piece actually looks like it has the possibility to be a quick stitch. I really wanted to come home and stitch, but I was totally out of energy, and besides my second favorite thing to do is here-

Looking at pictures of cross stitch! Whoohoo, the new Stitchery and Nordic Needle catalogs came in the mail today. OMG! I was like Steve Martin in the Jerk with the new phone books when I opened the mailbox. One catalog is cool but both, wow! I plan on putting on my jammies and reading the catalogs cover to cover.

Liesie has been really cuddly the past couple of days. Usually she is too busy, and does not like to be disturbed while she is sleeping (she actually sighs loudly like she is bothered. LOL) The past couple of days she has napped right up against her momma. It is really nice. She is such a sweet little girl.

I am really excited because I have been searching for a long time for a good groomer for her. I have had two bad experiences with groomers (one of which hurt her to the point where she was walking weird and licking her legs where the fur had been pulled while they were getting out mats. Totally not cool with me!) For some reason, it is hard to find someone who can groom schnauzers. Today, we followed up on a referral to a sole proprietor who specializes in schnauzers, and has owned mini schnauzers herself for over 30 years. She asked a lot of questions about my furgirl before we decided to proceed with setting an appointment. I am just hoping this works out. I would really like to find someone we can stick with and that Liesie will feel comfortable going to.

I am off to play catalogs!

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