Saturday, April 4, 2009

Making Progress

I seem to be making progress. As you can see, she now has a border on her skirt. The skirt itself has a couple more rows to go on the right side there, but I wanted to get a photo taken before it got too dark in here. She is coming along nicely. I am really looking forward to that fruit border now because as I look at the pattern it looks like the fruit is comprised of really big blocks of the same color throughout. This makes me happy.

It looks like I will be going to bed early tonight. I was sitting here minding my own business, stitching happily, when all of the sudden I felt that I had a fever, my throat started hurting, my chest started hurting, and my head started throbbing. I am kind of tired of fighting these cold/flu things and take great strides to avoid them. Hopefully, if I get enough sleep it will fend off whatever little buggie this is. Luckily, it is about Liesie's self imposed bedtime so she should be coming along to cuddle any time now, too.

I made the mistake of looking at the new items that came in over at 123stitch last week. There is a beautiful new pattern by Rosewood Manor called, "Wilkommen." It is really beautiful and would look fabulous in my entry. I love that it is so symetrical. What I found really surprising is that it calls for good ol' DMC floss. The colors make it appear that there are hand-dyed silk floss so I kind of held my breath as I looked at the supply list. I was so happy to see that it calls for cotton. Right now it is just on my wish list. It truly is beautiful.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention that Tony Stewart came in second at Texas today! That was a nice treat. He was driving Kevin Harvick's car and just did a fantastic job. It made my day to see him do so well. I'll be watching again tomorrow as he drives one of the Stewart-Haas cars. Go Smoke!

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