Monday, April 20, 2009

Holy Cow! It Is Hot!

Last week at this time it was COLD and we had those wind storms that caused a multitude of issues here. Today it was in the 90's and almost miserable. Don't get me wrong, I love the hot weather and prefer it quite a bit over being cold. But today crossed that line, when you catch you breath when you walk outside, the dog is panting and your feet are burning in your shoes. All I could think about was getting home and having a cold diet Dr. Pepper. Liesie got to have her very special treat, "Frosty Paws" peanut butter dog ice cream. I also drizzled cool water over her forehead and snout to try to cool her down. Every window in the house was opened. I am regretting not getting that pedicure last week, because I would love to wear sandals to work tomorrow, but my feet bear all of the signs of having been in shoes and sneakers all winter. 'Tis not a pretty sight.

I got to stitch for just a few minutes this evening. It was really too hot to concentrate. I had been looking forward to working on my piece, but just could not pull it together. Perhaps while we are in the midst of this heatwave I should work on making my cute necklaces with the adorable beads I have in my collection. Or maybe I can start my Chrismons...

Happy stitching!

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Rachel S said...

Keep cool. I hate those days. Especially when you get in the car and it's so hot it takes your breath away.

I bet Ms. Liesl was happy with her Frosty Paws. Our Sheltie used to be so happy to get those. She couldn't believe she had her own ice cream.