Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wild Wednesday!

'Twas a whirlwind day again today. Our server was down at work, which made life a bit interesting. I am happy to say that I got my work done though.

Tonight was our last Wednesday Lenten service. Bob and I have been leading the Holden Evening Prayer Service all through Lent. It is such a beautiful service. We both felt a little tug at our hearts that it was over. Next week is Holy Week so we do not have a Wednesday service. There will be a Thursday, Friday and Easter Sunday service. It is hard to believe it is time for Easter.

I got to come home and stitch a bit tonight. I am still working on the border of her dress. The border really makes the skirt pop a bit. It really adds a touch of elegance and regality to the dress. I am looking forward to getting a lot more done this weekend. I may just stay up one night until at least 10, (LOL) stitching away. I always talk big, but maybe I can pull it off on Friday.

Well, I am off to read my book. Hope everyone has a good evening! Oh, and if you can find the Coconut Creme Hershey Kisses (Target), they are SO worth the calories!

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