Friday, April 3, 2009


Whadda week! It was busy, busy all week long. I was really looking forward to coming home to one of Liesie's fabulous greetings. It is really wonderful to be greeted by your dog. It makes me feel pretty special the way that Liesie gets so excited to see me.

I got home and found that Bob was working on a project, so I got out my stitching and settled in for a stitchy night. I am getting pretty close to finishing that border. It was so nice after a busy week to just sit quietly with the cute little puppygirl next to me. We had a late dinner, which was delicious. I then got to sit back down with my stitching. It was heavenly.

I really need to get to work in my craft room this weekend. I have been collecting pretty beads over the past couple of years, but have not made anything. I have been thinking that I need a nice sparkly necklace for a couple of outfits that I have, and I have just the beads in my collection. I have some really pretty red sparkly ones that would make a fabulous necklace with a few accent beads. I hope I have all of the fixin's in my collection.

Other than my jewelry making adventure, I just plan on stitching. I would like to get a few stitches into the Aaronic Blessing, just to get a little variety in my stitching. However, right now I am on a roll with the Lady. I will post a picture this weekend of my progress.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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