Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

There is something about the Good Friday service that makes me feel very sad and quiet. I have been known to cry during the service in past years. This year I had to work very hard to not get weepy because DH and I did a Bach piece as the special music. I was afraid that it would make my voice shakey.

I have not had a chance to stitch yet tonight. We came home from church tired, so I took a little nap, ate and started poking around online while Liesie cuddled up on the bed. I love the WIP and Finished Projects threads on 123stitch on Fridays. I get so inspired. There are such really gifted stitchers out there. I also love looking at the two blogs for the World's Largest Collection of Smalls. There are some really amazing posts there!

I am probably going to pull out my stitching in the next few minutes, if for no other reason than to just look how much I have gotten done. Hopefully, that will get me to speed through chores tomorrow so I can sit and stitch. There is only one race this weekend, the Nationwide on Saturday. So that is about four hours of stitching time right there. I do not think Tony is racing this weekend so I can remain neutral during the race. LOL

Have a good evening.

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