Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I always have the best laid plans as I am driving home of eating a quick dinner, then getting right down to stitching. Next thing you know, it is 8:30 and I am just pulling out my stitchy bag. I end up coming home, playing on the computer, and piddling around winding down from the day. Then bedtime comes and I wish that I would have gotten an earlier start.

I did get some stitching in tonight. I was working on the verse this evening. It goes quickly, but it is over one, so I have some major magnifiers on. I was sitting in my bed, because I have a great lamp by my bedside and seriously, I am tired. I had my legs all roasty, toasty under the blankets, my stitching stuff spread perfectly across my lap and beside me. That was when I felt it-foot cramp. I tried to flex my foot in hopes that I could ward off the full blown footie cramp, therefore not having to readjust my stitching stuff. But alas, it was one of those doozies when you have to get up and push your foot on the floor and it still does not go away for awhile and you end up hobbling around until you get the all clear to sit down again. I hate foot cramps. Hate 'em, I tell you.

After a cramp of that magnitude, it sort of kills your enthusiasm for readjusting your stitchy space. I ended up putting my stuff away, lest the cramp return. Tomorrow night will be much better.

Tomorrow at work we have our first mandatory Swine Flu meeting. My job does a great job of disaster preparedness and has contingency plans for a multitude of issues, including pandemics. This includes cots, food and water in case we can not get out. Quite frankly, it makes me feel really safe as an employee. It also makes me feel good that that my employer cares so much about us that they have prepared for our care in case of emergency. They have a series of steps that we follow. When the Level went to the 5 out of a possible 6 today, it triggered the next level in our plans, so we have the meeting tomorrow to inform the employees of the next possible steps. It takes a lot of worry away to know what we have to do next.

Stay safe, everyone and wash hands constantly.

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