Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Am Having An Awesome Week!

This has totally been my lucky week! On Saturday Bob had to go to the Post Office, and while he was there he found a matted Tony Stewart Daytona Postmarked photo grouping from 2007. He said usually the pile has names that he does not recognize, but this day he was lucky and found a Tony with the #20 Home Depot car. Awesome. He brought it home for me. I need to get a cool frame for it. I am still deciding if I need to hang it in my home or office.

On Monday, my very cool co-worker who is a bigger NASCAR fan than I, came in all excited. (She is a fan of Jr.) She had been to the race in Phoenix, and had taken lots of photos. Quite a few of them were of Tony and his #14 Office Depot Car. She handed me a few of them like the one above that he had taken in the Paddock area. The picture above is of Tony himself in his car! How awesome is that! I was just so excited to talk to her about the races and felt so lucky that she shared her snapshots with me. It was awesome.

Today was totally cool. I started the day with such a sweet note from my boss saying that she really appreciates my work, and that she is glad that I am part of the team. I nearly started to cry! It meant so much to me. Then about an hour later, my coworker walked in with another handful of photos of Tony's car and a Hot Wheel type version of Tony's car! She said that she was buying one for her daughter and picked one up for me.

I am one of the truly fortunate ones. First of all, I have a job. Secondly, I have a job that I love and that does a lot of good work in our community that I am really proud of. Best of all, I get to work with really incredible people, who are so caring and so much fun to be around. I love getting up in the morning. I am so grateful to be so fortunate.

I came home from work and my favorite food was being prepared. I am truly a conniseur of the BLT and will order it as my sandwich of choice and when others are having egg breakfasts (I do not like eggs, except on rare occasions.) I was just telling my hubby last night that my favorite food in the whole world used to be pepperoni pizza, but now it is truly the BLT. There is something magical about the bread, mayo, bacon and tomato combo. I can take or leave the lettuce. Anyhoosky, I came in and Bob was in the process of putting BLT's together on his homemade bread.

This was so totally an awesome day. Oh, and I got to scotch stitch for a whole hour today at lunch! In green, my favorite color.

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