Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where Did The Weekend Go?!

This weekend totally flew by! The weather was absolutely beautiful and I got so much done. My house is super clean, Bob worked in the garden, and I got some stitching done. I even got all of the mountains of paperwork cleared off the work table/desk and filed. It's a good thing. Now I am looking at the curtains and I am thinking they do not look good yellow like they did in the old house. Perhaps because of the small size of the room or the window shape being different. In any case, I think I am going to buy some RIT dye and dye them a pretty shade of red. Kind of a yellow red, and then put some ribbon on them as a nice enhancement. I was thinking about buying new curtains, but I am watching my pennies, and I really like these curtains. They are just faded and the wrong color for the room. I think the red dye will perk them right up.

I have made some progress on my Aaronic Blessing. The lettering is done one over one. As soon as I finish that last line, I will get to stitch another line of scotch stitch. I have always loved the Aaronic Blessing. It is my favorite part of the church service and gives me the strength to face the week ahead.

Now that I got my craft room cleaned up, I am looking forward to cataloging my stuff. I have an old Excel workbook that I put together years ago that I am thinking I could use so that I do not have to retype alot of stuff. I have looked at that software for doing this same thing and that you can even scan photos of the stash into, but darn the luck, I do not think it works with Vista. Bummer.

I am starting up my walking regimen again in the morning, walking for a half hour before work. I was doing really well for a while but a few things came up like rotten, cold weather, so I put it on the back burner. I am looking forward to the walk, it really does help me start my day with a clearer head.

Wishing everyone a great week!

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